The West Kent Ramblers group is run by a committee of volunteers who help organise walks and social programmes in their spare time. If you would like to contact any of the committee members please email the membership secretary who will pass on your message. We’re more than happy to hear suggestions from our members.

Following the AGM in October 2018, a new committee has been appointed.

Title Responsibilities Name
Chairman Presides over the committee meetings. Colin Sefton***
Programme co-ordinators** Persuades people to volunteer to lead walks and compiles a
walks programme four times a year.
1st Quarter (Winter: Jan-Mar 2019): Peter Dixon***

2nd Quarter (Spring: Apr-Jun 2019): Peter Dixon***

3rd Quarter (Summer: July-Sep 2019): Valerie Davis

4th Quarter (Autumn: Oct-Dec 2019) Peter Singleton)

Treasurer Looks after the WKWG funds. Heather Staffurth
Membership secretary Looks after Member’s info and updates google group circulation list Penny Dommett
Editorial Secretary Updates weekly email and edits and writes publicity articles Vic Hillary*
Group Secretary Minute Taker & and answers queries Simon Milliken
Countryside secretary and Lost Paths Co-ordinator Keeps an eye on paths and news about the paths. Alan Richardson****
Publicity officer Tries to get us noticed! Maria Pearson
Social Media  (Facebook) Looks after facebook pages Brian Rowland
Webmaster Looks after the website and is Ramblers’ groups local webpage editor Robert Campbell
Social Secretary Persuades people to volunteer to organise social events. Jackie Strong
Kent 2020 AGM Facilitation Manager Liaises with Kent Area re their specific needs and makes sure it happens Jackie Strong
Statistics Collates number of attendees etc. per event and produces quarterly reports Charlie Brown
Committee members without portfolio Help out with anything else. Andrew Murray, Karen Dombey, Maria Vinal & Simon Green

*Meetup Monitor, ** Group Books Co-ordinator, *** Represents WKWG at Kent Area Council,**** Walk Leaders Phone forwarder

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